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Q: When does Fresh Harvest Products' fiscal year end?
A: Fresh Harvest operates on a 52 or 53 week fiscal year, ending the last day of October. The calendar for fiscal year is as follows:

  • 1Q - ends 1/31
  • 2Q - ends 4/30
  • 3Q - ends 7/31
  • 4Q - ends 10/31
  • Q: What is Fresh Harvest's business?
    A: Fresh Harvest Products, Inc. was established to provide the highest grade offering of natural and organic food and beverages to the public.

    Q: Where is the Company's corporate headquarters?
    A: We are located at 280 Madison Avenue, suite 1005, New York, New York 10016

    Q: Who is the Company's transfer agent?
    A: Clear Trust Transfer, Phone (813) 235-4490, Fax (813) 388-4549
    17961 Hunting Bow Circle, Suite 102, Lutz, Florida 33558

    Q: As a stockholder of record, who should I contact to report my address change/report a lost stock certificate?:
    A: Our transfer agent.

    Q: How do I get information about recent financial results?
    A: Please review our Financial Report page in the investor relation section of our website.